Remote government jobs

One of the important things every job seeker must do before browsing the internet is to go on governmental websites. According to your location, you may have all the information to start your journey as a successful remote worker, to find an on-site job or even work online from home for the government.

What is Government Job?

Civil service or government job is also known as public service. The work is about serving the nation’s general people at local, state, or federal levels. It is related to the work of an organization or an agency that is controlling by the government. It is funded by the money collected by the tax-payers and is known as the public sector.

Millions of people worldwide are currently doing a public sector job. It ranges from schools, emergency services to research, and scientific posts. The best part is one can do offline and online jobs in this sector with the possibility of flexible jobs, telecommuting, and work remotely.

10 most common Government Jobs in the World

Following is a list of some famous public sector job posts common to have in any country around the world;

1) Police Officer – One who has the responsibility to keep the community safe.

2) School Teacher – A person who is responsible for shaping up the future of the children.

3) Linguist – A person who can translate and interpret the message from one language to another. The job responsibility even includes transcribing text or audio.

4) Civil Engineer – A professional who can help the government to shape up the infrastructure. It includes many responsibilities, like planning construction projects and roads.

5) Firefighter – The main job is to make people aware of fire safety and offer help in case of any emergency.

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6) Economist – One who can help the government and the public manage and plan well to use and gain economy.

7) Database Admin – A technology expert who can manage and ensure the security of public and government data.

8) Treasurer – The post demands many different roles to manage funds and cash flows performed at a different level of government.

9) Healthcare personnel – It includes various duties essential to maintain the health of the public. It can be a doctor, nurse, or any other role.

10) Criminal investigator – A law enforcement officer who investigates illegal activity and crime.

What is the Average Salary of Government Workers?

You might be wondering a public service might not help you earn much compared to doing the job of a private sector. So, to prove it here is a graphical presentation from the inputs taken from the PayScale research report. It depicts a comparison of six countries based on the average yearly salary of their government employees (average yearly income of government workers);

Government workers salary.jpg

Now after getting an idea of how much people of such nations can earn, let us briefly look at the benefits that they get as perks!

What are the Benefits of Government Jobs? [Benefits as per Different Countries]

The list of facilities and support provided by the government of any nation is very similar. Still, you can go through the following points regarding each of them to get more insights. So let us check out them one by one;

Benefits of working for the government in the USA

  • Higher compensation for doing the same work as compared to the private sector.
  • In some regions, state and federal government workers do not need to pay state income taxes for whatever they earn in retirement.
  • Some government employers offer health insurance facilities for their retired employees.
  • Public servants can retire earlier with full benefits as opposed to the maximum percentage of private workers.
  • Both local and state government employees are getting a double number of paid personal days. Additionally, there are opportunities for other kinds of paid time off as compared to private-sector workers.
  • Superior job security with three times lesser possibility of any involuntary termination.
  • Public employees get more generous holidays and vacations as compared to private sector personnel.
  • On average, federal workers get more generous non-wage fringe paid benefits by their employers.

Benefits associated with government jobs in the United Kingdom

  • A typical result has been confirmed after some financial studies based on public service in the UK. It states that government employees get more than 14% of profits than their private-sector counterparts.
  • Public sector employers keep on encouraging and enhance the potential of their staff. It is possible by regularly organizing training programs. Thus, their employees gain external qualifications or develop skills for more career opportunities.
  • A report has proven the fact that government staff earns 30% more. It is possible that too by working about nine years less than private workers in their lifetime.
  • The working atmosphere in a government organization is stress-free and less demanding than related to one of the private sector.
  • A job that gives workers the feeling of serving and helping their nation or their local community for some good cause by working for them.

Australian public services employee benefits

  • As per the recent statement of Bernard Salt, an Australian columnist, the population rate has increased in the past one to two decades. Hence, it enhances the need for a government sector workforce.
  • The public sector is known for offering flexible working environments for a long time ago. So many are offering shorter working weeks of about 35-40 hours on average.
  • A government job provides a better balance between work and personal life. It is due to the possibility of flexible jobs leaves and more as compared to private workers.

Government of Canada employee benefits

  • The Canadian government provides both assurance and flexibility in a job. An employee can benefit from work remotely or through the home, compressed working weeks, and flex-work hours.
  • Public sector employers of Canada are very responsible for providing a healthy and safe working environment for their staff. They meet the work conditions norms. They even help some of their disabled workers by offering technical aids and accommodations, as per need.
  • If any public sector worker wants to relocate, then the government supports this by offering employment mobility. It can be either due to personal, family, or career advancement reasons.
  • A public service employee can take the benefit of more number of leave and vacation packages to enjoy life with work.
  • One can avail of the facility of different healthcare plans and profits, even in case of death.

New Zealand public sector jobs benefits

  • The government can allow its employer’s special parental leave to take better care of their child with leave payments.
  • They are offering both sick and annual paid leaves. Also, there are possibilities for an alternative holiday or day in lieu.

Benefits of working for the government in Ireland

  • There are many opportunities to switch jobs between different departments within a firm to progress the career quickly.
  • Some government firms are offering incentive schemes to hire talented individuals for their job positions.

Similarly, not only above but doing public or civil service in any other country is to ease your life with less possibility of fiscal issues! Most of the civil services jobs require only the graduation from the applicants as fresher’s. Also, for some posts, the experience of working with a private firm is accepted. So the possibilities are many to find different roles of public service on many popular online job portals.

Where to find government jobs 

Here is a list of websites where you can find more information about public services jobs according to the country.

If you don’t know the laws of your country, then you can’t build a long term and successful business. We really suggest that you allocate some time to go on the government websites and learn what you need to create your business: how to file your taxes, health insurance, your company type, and more. Watch this video to see how people can balance home-based jobs and make a good career.

Final Thoughts

If you get a government job, you will be eligible for long-term benefits, job satisfaction with stable work, a pension scheme, and much more. And most importantly, it guarantees job security to be prepared for any bad times like Corona. You can definitely try some government organizations’ job roles either of local, state, or federal levels. They are offering job positions based on flexible jobs, telecommuting, and work remotely.

So you can serve your locality, state, or nation by being a Manager, IT specialist, Garda, Administrator, Economist, Nurse, or a Teacher. The list of job roles also includes work areas like Defense & law, Health, Policy, Education, Politics, and Conservation. The best part is the governance of different nations are making it easy for job seekers to apply for the desired position. Today all thanks to the digital advancements, one can search for work and fill forms and do telecommuting or online jobs with ease.

The longer you work as a government employee, the more chances of career opportunities and promotions with a well-settled life. After all, we all want to do a less hectic job, wish for more holidays & facilities, and an added advantage is the respect of being in a position or a power.

As long as the public is there, the government also be there. Hence, there will be an endless possibility of jobs in the public sector. One or other industry in the public sector is always growing with funding!

The whole world is facing a pandemic situation due to the COVID-19 virus! It has left not only positive but negative impacts on our life. On one side, it helps us learn and care for our good health more than before and has proven beneficial for nature. In a different scenario, it has completely changed our daily life and significant impacts on jobs. We need to follow lockdown protocols to be safe in our homes as per the current situation. So, we need to prepare ourselves to start working from our homes, online jobs, or work remotely!