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Indeed is the online platform that not only have job offers for people in the United States but also in many other countries. Almost 2 out of 3 people hired from online sources have used Indeed once. Knowing that about 22 % of people are hired online, that means about 14% of people hired in the US have used Indeed at some point. This job board offers many different features for companies and job seekers: free jobs posting, research by job title, keywords, company, city, and more.

Indeed has helped millions of job seekers worldwide find their dream jobs simply by providing a database of different job openings. The benefits of finding the right job on Indeed ranges from availability, convenience, access to information, remote access to job vacancies and so on. Learning how to navigate the platform is easy because of the self-explanatory interface. However, reeling on countless success stories, there are few things you should know that will make your search time shorter and increase your chances of success.

How to find a job on Indeed

Even though the platform is available globally for everyone to use, knowing the right tips can help you get your desired job in a short time and without going to the stress of having to apply for everything.

1. Put yourself out there: If you want a job, you need to put yourself out there rather than just being passive. Now with Indeed, being proactive about your job search requires only for you to open the platform. There are thousands of job openings sources automatically curated and published on there as well as employers who submit vacancies. Just by searching through Indeed, you might get the job you want, even if it is overseas. You can do this via the website on your computer or mobile device, the convenience of remote access is priceless in this modern age.

2. Polish your profession outlook: Now that you are putting yourself out there and searching for your desired job, you should take your competitive advantage up by a notch. You can create a professional profile and upload your resume for employees to find you. While you do this, try to visualize the kind of personality you want to portray on your profile. Be decisive and intentional about this and try to make your accounts on other social media platforms portray this. With online jobs, your profile is the first point of contact employers have with you and they often take a peek at it before deciding to contact you. You can also edit your resume with the Indeed resume tool to give it a polished look.

3. Optimize your job search: As you can imagine, there are a plethora of job ads on Indeed and new ones get added every minute. It is easy to get lost in this pile trying to find the right job to apply for. If you are searching blindly, it is exhausting, to say the least. What you can do is optimize your search on indeed by taking advantage of some tricks to enhance your search process. Some suggestions include using the advance search tab provided after you have entered specific keywords that you want. Another thing you can do is use the same search filter to remove some keywords from the results that will be displayed. This way you can have the system give you only what you want.

4. Apply for your job: Even when you see the job you want; you want to make sure that you are applying the right way. One of the things to do is to have polished your online profile, another thing to do is to select what jobs you are applying for. According to research, purposeful applications are more like to get positive results than applying to a lot and anything. Some tips to help you make smart job application is to optimize your search and only apply for jobs you are satisfied with.

5. Learn how to avoid scammers: Just like every other online job website, some scammers take advantage of the availability to defraud unknowing victims. So, if you are going to be finding a job with any online job platform (including Indeed), you should learn how to avoid these scammers to the best of your ability. One way is to crosscheck every ad you see online – you can run a google search on the company, the role and the employer and you can even make a phone call to confirm. Scammers may sometimes create a fake company profile online to cover their tracks, and so you can confirm the office address and report any scammer you find to help Indeed take necessary actions. A duplicate job ad may not be a sign of it being illegitimate since that can be caused by data collection from multiple sources.

6. Never miss a job posting: If you haven’t gotten a job yet, it is not the end of the rope. You can go a step further to make sure that you never miss a job posting by subscribing to newsletter and notifications on your preferred job category. Daily messages can be sent to your email if you do this and you can keep track of listings you might be interested in. simply enter your preferred keyword which could be a company or a job description and then sign up to receive messages about that kind of vacancies by using the setup job alert option.

7. Join the discussion: While you wait to get a response or find your ideal job, you can join several discussions on indeed. Find out what topics people are talking about, contribute and stay up to date with other people in your field. There is so much information available on Indeed that can help your job search chances and also help you get career-related information. Even young new-entry job applicants can benefit from indeed by calculating their expected salary according to what is expected in the industry before they apply for any job.

8. Find a job while on a job: Get the mobile app to have remote access but most importantly, make use of the feature to hide your resume when you apply for a job. By doing this, you can find a better job, while still at your current job without getting busted.

In conclusion, finding a job on Indeed is easy and with the right tips, you can successfully find a placement in a short while. The number one job finding website is open to everyone globally, you just have to make sure that you are applying to the right jobs, keeping in touch with job ads, and that your profile and resume reflect your level of professionalism.

Work at Indeed

People come on Indeed to find a job but only few people know that Indeed are also hiring. They have hundreds of job openings in more than 12 departments such as finance, human resources, etc. You can work for Indeed in major cities around located in different continents. To work at Indeed, simply follow the link and discover if the openings match your criteria.

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